Aipoly wins a Singularity University Global Grand Challenge Award

Screen Shot 2016-09-04 at 2.52.25 pm

This week the Aipoly team was at Singularity University’s first Global Summit. Aipoly was born out of SU, so it was a great opportunity to meet old friends and faculty at the conference.

Here’s a quick demo of our latest app identifying items at our booth:

We ended up winning the Prosperity Global Grand Challenge Award, which was presented as a nice plexiglass trophy on the main stage.


Other fellow winners are displayed on the GGC site:

Aipoly V1.1 is out!

Last week we released the newest version of Aipoly, here’s some of the newest features:

Brand new things:

  • New Male/Female voice
  • Speaking Voice now works alongside VoiceOver.
  • More accurate color mode.
  • Object Mode: Fun responds in many new ways.
  • Intelligent torch detects darkness and light, and turns on automatically.
  • Speaking Voice speed regulator.

Fixes and Improvements:

  • The instructions screen is now easier to navigate using VoiceOver.
  • Non-english voices now speak with the right accent.
  • Colors detected are now brightened to reduce shades of grey.
  • Fixed the link to app store reviews outside the US.
  • Lots of more stuff that can be boring to read.

Most importantly, Aipoly started learning!

Thanks to the input of many of our users, Aipoly‘s algorithms began adjusting to some of the items that have been captioned through the teaching tool. Everyone is getting a smarter app.

Would you like to nominate some items for Aipoly to learn? Let us know by sending an email to We are particularly interested in the input of those who are blind and visually impaired.